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August 1, 2019BY Reachhome ( 0 ) Comment

On July 17, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to introduce 12 new Exit-Entry measures for foreigners living and working in China. From August 1 this year, foreigners throughout the country will be able to enjoy visa processing and permanent residence facilities. The scope of permanent residence applicants for foreigners will be expanded, and the scope of long-term visas and residence permits will be broadened.

Here are the 12 measures’ detailed information.

1. Foreigners with high-level professional talents who meet the special needs of the state may apply to the Exit-Entry Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau for permanent residence in China upon the recommendation of the relevant competent authorities of the state, the People’s government at the provincial level, or the key development regional administrative departments of the state. Foreign spouses and minor children of the above-mentioned persons may apply together.

2. Foreigners working in China for 4 consecutive years, living in the territory for no less than six months out of each year, whose annual income is no less than six times above the average wage in the region where they were employed the previous year, and who bear an income tax of more than 20% of the income standard, is eligible to apply for permanent residence in China. Foreign spouses and minor children may apply together.

3. Foreign Chinese applicants working in China with PhD or working in key development areas of the state for more than four consecutive years, and living in the territory for no less than six months out of each year, may apply for permanent residence at the Exit-Entry Bureau. Foreign spouses and minor children may apply together.

4. Foreign experts and scholars invited by prominent domestic higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, and well-established enterprises, as well as high-level executives and professionals with sought-after technical skills, may apply for a port visa entry at the port visa department of the Public Security Bureau. Upon entering China, the applicant can apply for multiple visas or residence permits valid for less than 5 years directly at the Exit-Entry Bureau by presenting the certificate letter and any other supporting documents needed.

5. Foreign talents and members of start-up companies operating in key local industries may apply for a residence permit of up to 5 years at the Exit-Entry Bureau by way of a work permit, a letter and any other supporting materials required. Those applicants can apply for their residence permit using a reference letter from their team leader.

6. Foreigners who can prove an outstanding professional track record and meet the special needs of the state may recommend foreign members of the working team and research support personnel to apply for long-term visas or residence permits, valid for less than five years, at the Exit-Entry Bureau.

7. Foreigners employed by enterprises and public institutions in China whose existing work permits are about to expire and cannot spare enough time to apply for a new work visa may apply for the work residence permit at the Exit-Entry Bureau using their existing work permit and other supporting materials. For those who have applied for the work residence permit for more than one year twice consecutively without any violation of laws or regulations may apply for the work residence permit for a valid period of five years at the Exit-Entry Bureau, in accordance with the provisions of the third application for the work residence permit.

8. Highly skilled foreign talents working in key domestic institutions in higher education, scientific research institutes and well-established enterprises can accept part-time occupations in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship with the consent of their work units and part-time units, as well as the Exit-Entry Bureau.

9. Outstanding foreign students who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or above in key domestic higher education institutions and are engaged in Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities in China after graduation may apply for a residence permit valid for 2 to 5 years at the Exit-Entry Bureau, on the condition of providing the university graduation certificate, innovation and entrepreneurship certificate and other certification materials that may be requested.

10. Foreign students who graduate from internationally renowned universities and come to work in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship in China within 2 years after graduation may apply for a residence permit valid for less than 2 years directly at the Exit-Entry Bureau on the strength of academic record (degree) certificates and other materials.

11. Foreign students from overseas colleges and universities who are invited to work temporarily in China by well-established local companies and institutions may apply for a visa at the Exit-Entry Bureau, valid for one year for internships by presenting their invitation letter and the university certificate, as well as any other supporting materials required. Foreign students who come to China for an internship in accordance with the inter-governmental agreement may apply for a work residence, should they meet all the required provisions.

12. For further assistance, you may consult an immigration service center in areas with large concentrations of foreigners. Matters can include legal assistance, language and cultural activities, and any other services that are related to working, studying, and living in China as a foreign applicant.

The specific operating rules also need to be confirmed with the local immigration authority.



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