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The Chinese Student (X) Visa

The student visa comes in two versions:

  • X1) for over 180 days
  • X2) for under 180 days

Which exact visa is applicable to you will be depend on the course and length of enrollment at your choice of education institution.


  • Applicant’s passport with 6 months validity remaining and at least 2 blank pages for visas (not all blank pages are designated for visas).
  • 1 recent passport sized colored photograph with white background.
  • One filled visa application form. Every space needs to be completed, using N/A whenever it is not applicable.
  • Local up-to-date Registration Form of Temporary Residence.
  • Application letter from an education.
  • Admission confirmation from the education institution.
If the application is for the X1 over 180 days stay visa an additional document is required:
  • Health Certificate (Medical Checkup)
If the applicant did not enter China with a X1/X2 visa an additional form needs to completed:
  • Original JW201 or JW202 form. This form will be send/given to you by your school as it will require the school to fill it out and stamp it with their official stamp, so it cannot be downloaded.

Process Duration

Regular service time requires 10-15 working days
Express service time requires 8-10 working days