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The Chinese Tourist (L) Visa

The Chinese Tourist visa is as the name suggests, for tourist reasons. If visiting relatives or friends are the reason why you are applying for a Chinese visa, you may apply for the Private Visit Visa (S), which used to be under the tourist visa before 2013.

Even though the visa application form allows the choice of applying for multiple entries, and for longer than 90 days, if you choose these options you will probably have to support your visa application in order to receive it on your visa. Most will be issued the standard 90 days visa, with single entry, however if you have plans to go to Hong Kong and have to return to the mainland for your flight departure for example, then simply submit additional information such as flight tickets and hotel bookings in Hong Kong to ensure you will receive additional entries. The final decision on the duration, entry and validity of the visa will however still remain at the discretion of the Exit-Entry Bureau/Chinese Consulate. For tourist visas certain nationalities (US, UK, CAN, IL) may be approved for 10 year visas.


  • Applicant passport with 6 months validity remaining and at least 2 blank pages for visas (not all blank pages are designated for visas).
  • 1 Recent passport sized colored photograph with white background.
  • One filled visa application form. Every space needs to be completed, using N/A whenever it is not applicable.
  • Travel information, particularly round trip air ticket or one showing leaving to a third country and hotel reservation form.
  • Additionally these documents may help support your visa application which depends on each individual case:
  • Proof of legal stay or residence status (if not applying in your country of citizenship).
  • Work certification, income statements or recent bank statement.
  • Travel itinerary and personal statement, if applicant has been to China before as a tourist, detailing the reason, planned places to visit and the places visited before.

Process Duration

Regular service time requires 10-15 working days
Express service time requires 8-10 working days